Faculty Books

Judaic Studies' faculty have authored a number of critically acclaimed books in recent years. Here is a sampling of their work.

Judaism and Violence by Robert Eisen

Judaism and Violence

In this book, Robert Eisen explores the potential in Judaism to incite Jews to engage in violence against non-Jews.

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Digging Up Armageddon: The Search for the Lost City of Solomon

Eric Cline, professor of classics, anthropology and history, tells the remarkable story of one of the...

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The Book of Esther: Power, Fate and Fragility in Exile

The ancient story of Esther sheds light on today's most pressing problems: contemporary antisemitism, sexual tyranny and the absence of leadership.

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Ghetto: The History of a Word

Daniel Schwartz, professor of history,...

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Partitions: A Transnational History of Twentieth-Century Territorial Separatism

Arie Dubnov has edited the first collective history of the concept of partition by way of three political entities that emerged as a result of partition.

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Religious Zionism, Jewish Law, and the Morality of War

Robert Eisen, professor of religion and Judaic...