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Read the program's blog, From Under The Fig Tree, to stay informed on what Judaic Studies faculty and students are up to. The blog also serves as a cultural clearinghouse on what's new and noteworthy within the broader Jewish republic of arts and letters. 

Judaic Studies Program

The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences offers an interdisciplinary program in Judaic Studies leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. The program, whose purview extends from the ancient Near East to modern-day America, showcases and interprets the artistic expression, history, languages, literatures, philosophy, politics, and religion of the Jews over time and place.

The Program in Judaic Studies also provides students with the opportunity to interact with their professors both within and without the classroom. It sponsors trips to the theatre and to museums, organizes special events, including lectures and performances by celebrated personalities in a wide range of fields, and encourages students to drop by our cozy building at 2142 G Street for a cup of tea and a spot of conversation.

Our interdisciplinary program prepares students for careers as doctors, lawyers, journalists of both traditional and emergent media as well as professors and business professionals. Training GW undergraduates to become well rounded, engaged and dynamic citizens of the modern world, the program also fosters community and a sense of belonging. But don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our most recent graduates had to say:

“My experience as a Judaic Studies minor has been truly unique.
The varied classes and remarkable professors that were part of
the program were among the best at GW and made my time as an
undergrad truly worthwhile! 

"The Program in Judaic Studies changed my career path entirely.
Prior to coming to GW, I had little interest in Judaism or Jewish
culture. By sheer chance, I found myself in a class offered by the
program that completely changed my view. I could not have asked
for a more dynamic and enjoyable experience with an intimately
[scaled] program that allowed me to get to know my fellow Judaic
Studies majors as well as our inspiring professors."
The images on this website are drawn from GW's I. Edward Kiev Judaica Collection.

Renowned Scholar of Judaic Studies Brings Fresh Perspective to New MA

We sat down with Jenna Weissman Joselit—the Charles E. Smith Professor of Judaic Studies and director of Columbian College’s Judaic Studies Program—to learn more about the new MA in Jewish Cultural Arts and the motivation behind its creation.

Hebrew at GW

The Hebrew Program, part of the Classics and Semitics Department, enables students to achieve intermediate to advanced levels of Hebrew proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and comprehension.