Undergraduate Semester Course Offerings

You can find the complete Judaic Studies Program course slate on the Registrar's Schedule of Classes. Check back for more course descriptions throughout the registration period.


Spring 2022 Courses

Cross-listed with CLAS 2105.82 and REL 1009.80

C. Rollston

MW: 2:20-3:35

This course explores the literature, history, and religious thought represented by the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). Continuities and contrasts between Israel and the ancient Near East are considered through study of the world view, oral and literary tradition, main religious ideas, and chief figures and movements of the biblical literature.

Cross-listed with HIST 3062.80:

J. Richter

MW: 4:45-6

This course covers the Nuremberg trial and its legacy in subsequent international and hybrid tribunals, and the need for judicial accountability for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.

A. Dubnov

MW: 15:45 - 17:00


Cross-listed with HONR 2047.81, IAFF 3190.81

W. Reich

W: 3:30-6:00 

As this course fulfills an Honors Self and Society Seminar requirement, it entails understanding significant social and political phenomena by using the tools and modes of inquiry of the social and behavioral sciences; relationships among individuals, collectivities, families and communities; interactions of psychological, social, political, economic and historical forces at work in a given culture.

J. Weissman Joselit

W: 3:30 - 5:20 

Cross-listed with EDUC 6001.80

I. Weltman

U 9:10-3:30

This course is intended for both undergraduate and graduate students. Contact [email protected] for specific course information. This is a distance learning course.