Spring 2017 Courses

CLAS 2105:
The Bible in the Qu’ran
TR 9:35-10:50 AM
C. Rollston


ENGL 3810:
Jewish Literature Live
TR 12:45-2:00 PM
F. Moskowitz


HEBR 3105/HIST 3801/JSTD 2002:
Military & Society in Israel
TR 2:20-3:35 PM
D. Yasur-Landau


HEBR 3302W:
The Israeli Media
TR 11:10-12:25 PM
D. Yasur-Landau


HIST 3001:
TR 9:35-10:50 AM
R. Isaacson


HIST 3001/AMST 3950/JSTD 2002:
Ghetto—History of a Concept
T 11:10 AM-1:00 PM
D. Schwartz


HIST 3001/JSTD 2002:
Zionism, Anti-Zionism, Post-Zionism
W 1:10-3:00 PM
A. Dubnov


HIST 3062/JSTD 2002:
War Crimes Trials
MW 4:45-6:00 PM
J. Richter


HIST 3367:
The American Jewish Experience
W 12:30-2:20 PM
J. W. Joselit


HIST 3820/JSTD 2002:
The History of Israel
TR 3:45-5:00 PM
A. Dubnov


HONR 2048/IAFF 3190/JSTD 2002:
Holocaust Memory
T 5:10-7:00 PM
W. Reich


IAFF 3188:
Israeli-Palestinian Peacebuilding
R 12:45-3:15
E. Lazarus


PSC 2476:
The Arab-Israeli Conflict
R 3:30-6:00 PM
E. Finkel


REL 1009:
The Hebrew Scriptures

TR 11:10-12:25 PM
C. Rollston


REL 2211:
Rabbinic Thought and Literature

MW 12:45-2:00 PM
R. Eisen