Fall 2020 Courses

HIST 3061.80: The Holocaust
Cross-listed with JSTD 2002.80 
J. Richter
MW 4:45-6:00
The origins, causes, and significance of the Nazi attempt to destroy European Jewry, within the context of European and Jewish history. Related themes include the behavior of perpetrators, victims, and bystanders; literary responses; contemporary implications of the Holocaust for religion and politics.

HIST 6001.80: Contemporary Jewish Life
Cross-listed with HIST 3001.80, JSTD 2002.81, JSTD 6001.80
J. Weissman Joselit
T 5:10-7:00
Well before COVID-19 upended life as we know it, the modern Jewish experience in both the United States and Israel challenged traditional notions of belonging, ritual behavior, and even romance, as did the startling resurgence of antisemitism. This interdisciplinary seminar explores these and other phenomena on their own terms as well as in light of COVID-19's radical impact--all with an eye toward figuring out what aspects of Jewish life might stay the same and what might change in its wake.

WGSS 3170W.82: Gender and Sexuality in Israel
Cross-listed with HEBR 3104W.80, JSTD 2002.82
O. Zakai
TR 3:45-5:00
This course is a special topic in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and a topic in Judaic Studies with a focus on the post-1650 period.

IAFF 3190.82: Holocaust Memory
Cross-listed with HONR 2047.81, JSTD 2002.83
W. Reich
W 3:30-6:00
As this course fulfills an Honors Self and Society Seminar requirement, it entails understanding significant social and political phenomena by using the tools and modes of inquiry of the social and behavioral sciences; relationships among individuals, collectivities, families, and communities; interactions of psychological, social, political, economic, and historical forces at work in a given culture.