Course Descriptions

Hebrew 1001/1002 - Beginning Hebrew
An active presentation of Hebrew as it is spoken and written today. Comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills are stressed. 4 credits.

Hebrew 2001/2002 - Intermediate Hebrew
Further development of skills in speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension of modern Hebrew. Texts range from Israeli newspaper items to selections from classical materials. Prerequisite: Hebrew 001-002 or equivalent. 4 credits.

Hebrew 3001 - Hebrew Conversation and Writing
Reinforces reading and writing at the intermediate to mid-high level with a stress on conversation and oral comprehension. Contemporary cultural and social aspects are presented though selections from non-fiction and short fiction, films and TV programs. Prerequisite: Hebr 3-4 or permission of instructor.

Hebrew 3301 - Modern Hebrew Culture
Study of various cultural topics from modern Israeli culture. Topics range from short fiction, poetry, music, television programming and films as a way to reinforce reading, writing and oral proficiency at the intermediate to mid-high level. (spring)

Hebrew 3302 - The Israeli Media
Explores the Israeli press, television and radio news broadcasts in Hebrew; focuses on developing increasing proficiency in reading and aural comprehension through class discussions and written assignments in Hebrew. Prerequisite: Hebrew 103 or permission of instructor. 3 credits.

Hebrew 4001/4002 - Advanced Hebrew Literature
Selections from Hebrew literature throughout the ages: Bible, Rabbinics, medieval Hebrew literature; classical motifs in modern Israeli literature. Literary analysis (writing and discussion) in Hebrew. Prerequisite: Hebrew 104, or 106, or permission of instructor. 3 credits.